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Curiosity Collection ~ Handmade Shimmer watercolor paint-half pan

Curiosity Collection ~ Handmade Shimmer watercolor paint-half pan

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This collection of handmade shimmer watercolor paints features an interference color that really shows its gorgeous color on black water paper and 3 contain various particle sizes of glitter.

Enchanted is a very sparkly silver with a color shift green/orange glitter. It is packaged in a watercolor paper pillow box. You can either paint it and reuse or trim the ends and use the two small rectangle pieces as you wish.

Fanciful is a very sparkly silver with a chunky glitter blend.

Intriguing is a beautiful indigo interference blue with blue/green glitter.

Mystic Purple is a gorgeous interference color that really shines on black watercolor paper but also makes a crest accent color when splattered on top of an exciting painting or lettering piece.

This set of watercolors comes packaged in a watercolor paper box that you can decorate and reuse or trim the flaps off and use for a mini painting.

* Mica Pigment
* Gum Arabic
* Glycerin (helps with flow)
* Honey (makes paints rewet easier)
* Distilled Water
* Clove oil(works as a preservative)

- Each half pan measures 0.8×0.7×0.4 in
- Each pan contains a small magnet affixed at its bottom, which can be removed

All my watercolors are made with cosmetic grade, non-toxic micas that are mulled by hand in small batches(generally 10 or less half pans at a time). I use the highest amount of mica that the binder will hold resulting in highly pigmented colors. Each batch and fill is swatch tested to ensure the color doesn’t rub off of the paper when dry.

All half pans are filled a minimum of 3-4 times.

I do my best to get the best photos possible however the colors may look slightly different from what you see online due to various monitor/screen settings.

Before using, please put a drop of water onto the desired color and let it sit for a few minutes. This will moisten the binder and give you the best color possible.
All of the Glitz colors have holographic glitter in them and therefore will need a bit longer time and possibly a tiny but more water to activate.

All of our Glitz colors have the same ratio of binder, mica and glitter. Some colors show the glitter in the pan better than others. Rest assured they all have the same amount of glitter regardless of how the dried pans look.

I use both honey and glycerin in my paints to help with rewetting and flow. For this reason they will attract moisture and certain colors will still be soft even when dry. They also may arrive sticky or slightly goopy due to humidity during transit. If this happens place them in the freezer for a bit before removing the foil wrappers. Once unwrapped you could also place them in front of a fan on low to facilitate drying.

Once you have finished using your paint please make sure they are completely dry before storing as not to encourage mold.

*NOTE: Since these watercolors are made with mica they often have bubbles appear during the drying process. I try to pop them all but in the event that I miss some they in no way affect how the color looks or behaves after rewetting.

Due to the nature of the product and the fact that we have no control over what contaminants may come in contact with the paint we cannot offer refunds.

Please practice proper safety procedures while using your paints: do not ingest paints, do not leave within reach of children or pets, completely dry paints before storing to prevent mold.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS:all international orders are handled via my Etsy shop.

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