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Wax Seal Stickers- St. Pats1

Wax Seal Stickers- St. Pats1

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Seal your luck with our St. Patrick's Day themed wax seals! Add a touch of Irish charm to your correspondence and let the festivities begin with every seal

The intricate details and delicate script add an exquisite touch to your letters, invitations, or any special occasion.

Simply peel and stick to transform your envelopes, gift wrap, or cards into personalized works of art.

Whether you're announcing a joyous event, expressing gratitude, or just sending a heartfelt note, the St. Patrick’s day Wax Seal Stickers are the perfect finishing touch. Elevate your correspondence and make a lasting impression with these charming and versatile seals that convey warmth and sincerity with every message.

Embrace the art of personal expression and bring an extra touch of class to your heartfelt words with our Wax Seal Stickers.

This listing is for Six 25mm wax seal stickers.

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